Migraines, Headaches and Nausea?

This Strange "Ice Hat" Saved Me!

(500,000+ Aculief customers)

Total Views: 157,312

(500,000+ Aculief customers)

Total Views: 157,312

by Miranda Derdouri

10 Jun 2022

We all know how frustrating it is to deal with those intense migraines and never-ending headaches.

In one moment you're smiling and enjoying the day.

But then?

Suddenly you're curled up with the lights turned off and covers pulled up over the head as you try to sleep it off.

I’ve struggled to find relief, but nothing worked.

Name every natural, over-the-counter, or prescription remedy on planet Earth.

I’ve tried it.

The wet washcloth trick?

It works only for five minutes, plus it’s messy.

And drugs?

I don’t want to feel slow and sluggish after pumping my body full of painkillers.

All this effort barely paid off while expenses added up quickly.

So it doesn't come as a surprise that I was searching for something cheaper, simpler to relief myself from the pain faster and a more efficiently.

Thankfully, I found a solution that does just that!

A US-based startup company has come up with a new innovative hat that is changing the way people treat migraines!

What is it?

It's called Aculief Headache Relief Hat.

It is a cold therapy hat lined with frozen gel packs that apply a light compression all around your head.

I have no idea why no one is talking about this thing – because it completely relieved my migraine in 15 minutes!

It’s the greatest feeling imaginable!

It feels like a cold pillow wrapped around your head.

One of the most soothing relaxing experiences when you have a headache.

I’ve tried hundreds of solutions but Aculief has been the only natural solution to my headaches and migraines that actually works.

Even better, it only takes me 5 minutes to start feeling better.

My prescription painkillers would take 6x longer and they cost me a small fortune every month.

I also asked my doctor about the science behind it and he also believed that compression and cold therapy are two of the most effective ways to reduce this inflammation - but not even he knew this product existed!

Aculief works on all types of headaches too.

How to use Aculief?

This is the best part – it’s so easy!

1. Remove the Aculief Headache Hat from the fridge or freezer

2. Place it on your head

3. Relax as the soothing cold compression therapy eases your pain

As I mentioned, I keep mine in the fridge at all times so it’s always ready to go.

If you find that it’s too cold in the fridge, simply wait a bit before applying it.

It’s totally up to you!

Aculief gave me my life back!

Since I started using my Aculief, my life has completely changed:

  • I have returned to normal hours at work – and take my Aculief with me, of course!
  • I no longer bring “emergency” Ibuprofen in every bag, carry-on, or suitcase
  • I can finally ENJOY gardening, hiking, and soccer games with my kids
  • I haven’t spent a single Sunday buried in bed… and I’m less depressed and anxious than ever.

If you’ve tried everything to relieve your headaches and have completely given up hope, you have to give it a shot.

Nobody should have to spend their life battling headaches and migraines.

The Aculief Headache Relief Hat is the natural, easy, and fast solution that can rid you of those nasty headaches.

It’s incredibly relaxing, feels wonderful, and takes just 15 minutes out of your day – so even working moms can use it.

  • Naturally Relieves Pain In Minutes

  • 360º Coverage for Maximum Relief

  • Eliminate migraine, cluster headache, sinus pain and more!

  • American-owned. Based in Boston, MA

  • 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

Don’t waste another day fighting headache pain.

Get the Aculief Headache Relief Hat now to get your life back.

UPDATE: Aculief is running a limited-time sale – here’s where to get 50% OFF your second Aculief!

Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support for my story! Based on the overwhelming response, Aculief has agreed to offer an exclusive discount to anyone who reads this article – including you!

Simply use the link below to get 50% OFF your second Aculief when you buy 1 – or get a FREE Aculief when you buy 2! If you have a friend, neighbor, partner, or other loved one who battles chronic headaches, your gift could change their life too!

I wish I had found Aculief sooner… I keep thinking about all the things I missed out on in life due to my suffering. But I’m staying positive now – life is so much better these days. If you struggle with migraines or chronic headaches, don’t waste another minute… try Aculief ASAP!

Holli ST

Game Changer for migraine relief

Game Changer for migraine relief <3

Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2021

Color: Teal |  Verified purchase

I suffer from severe migraines and this is amazing it’s so comfortable and it helps so much and stays cold for a long time and I can still do things or just rest on a couch without it falling off my head. Best headache helper ever!

42 people found this helpful

Betty E. Lucken

Game Changer for migrain relief

If you suffer from migraines, get this!

Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2021

Color: Teal |  Verified purchase

I get migraines a lot and I get hot and sensitive to light and this helps so much. I love wearing it to sleep if I need to take a nap due to my migraine. I feel like it stays cooler than say my neck ice pack. Highly recommend!

19 people found this helpful

Patricia M.

Game Changer for migrain relief

Lifesaver. Headache relief when all else fails.

Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2021

Color: Teal |  Verified purchase

I have a very rare health disorder (IIH) that causes daily pressure headaches. Due to the illness, not even medication helps with the headaches. This ice cap has been the sole saving grace from being in utter misery. I have had mine for a few months and they work good as on day one. So happy I purchased this.

37 people found this helpful

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