This Doctor Created A Device That Relieves Back Pain In Minutes!

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by Melissa Pierce

18 Aug 2022

Imagine being able to relieve your back pain from the comfort of your home – in just a few minutes – without taking painkillers or shelling out cash for a lengthy massage.

That’s exactly what Dr. Aaron Fu did for over half a million people in less than a year!

Dr. Fu works with patients who suffer from all kinds of back pain every day.

He soon realized that the vast majority was seeing him for the same reason.

Something called trigger points.

What Are Trigger Points, And How Do They Cause Back Pain?

A trigger point is basically a small patch of tightly-contracted skeletal muscle.

They form due to stress, long periods of inactivity (such as sitting at a desk), poor posture, and other situations that are becoming common these days.

They can cause all kinds of problems, including:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Physical limitation
  • Loss of normal function
  • Even tension headaches

(22,198 backers pledged $1,236,439 to help bring this project to life.)

After finding success by focusing on these trigger points with his patients, Dr. Fu developed a device that eliminates these trigger points.

It’s called the Trigger Point Rocker.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $1.2 million, it’s finally become available to the public!

What Is The Trigger Point Rocker?

The Trigger Point Rocker (or TPR for short) is an advanced health and fitness device that can relieve your back pain in 5-10 minutes.

The results are real and lasting!

It has 12 carefully placed pressure point knobs that line up with those trigger points on your back.

To get relief, all you need to do is lie down on the TPR and… squirm!

As you wiggle, the TPR will massage out tightly-contracted muscles using only the weight of your body.

You can apply more pressure for faster relief, or light pressure to ease built-up tension in your back and neck. 

Best of all, it works on all types of back pain, including lower back, upper back, neck and shoulder pain.

You can even set it behind your chair to naturally improve your posture over time!

What Type Of Back Pain Does It Help?

Remedy any type of back pain in 5-10 minutes with the TPR!

The TPR lines up with specific pressure points to offer you the back pain relief you need.

See example:

Lower back pain can be crippling!

✅ Your lower back has lumbar spine pressure points, which can become painful after long periods of activity, excess sitting, heavy lifting or repetitive tasks like housework.

The TPR’s lower knobs target this pain, relieving tension and helping strengthen your lower back.

Upper back pain can be unbearable.

✅ Your upper back and shoulders have thoracic spine pressure points. This often develops due to poor posture or staring at your phone. The TPR’s upper and middle knobs are specially placed to quickly relieve this pain and tension.

The TPR is also excellent for neck and shoulder pain, which often arise from inactivity or craning your neck and shoulders for long periods.

What Causes Trigger Point Pain?

  • Repetitive overuse such as housekeeping or landscaping
  • Periods of heavy lifting
  • Poor posture
  • Muscle clenching (often stress-induced)
  • Injuries, car accidents, sports injuries, work-related pains
  • Long periods of inactivity

If you’ve developed back pain after any of the activities above, there’s a good chance that it’s related to trigger points.

The TPR Is Getting Great Reviews From Doctors!

Not only is this device invented by a doctor, several other prominent doctors have gone on record to recommend this remedy for back pain!

Unlike other products that don’t fully do the job, TPR has proven to provide effective, natural, long-lasting relief.

What Do TPR Users Have To Say?

Yes, TPR is approved by normal people too!

Here are what some actual TPR users have to say about their experience:

I never imagined how good it would be.


“I've used this a lot more than I expected. After workouts, after a day of training, and even just after work where I sit down a lot. It relieves so much so quickly. I never imagined how good it would be.”

- Xander J.

Enjoying it as a massage pad!


“Am using the black one mostly and coupling it with my physio recommended exercises to strengthen my lower back. That and simply enjoying it as a massage pad!”

- Lara G.

Key Facts About The Trigger Point Rocker

The TPR is much more affordable and convenient than therapy or alternative products.

If you wanted to get a back adjustment for a year at $100 per session, you'd pay $5,200… the TPR is a one-time purchase for a fraction of the price!

You can find relief on demand, in the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever you need it.

Bottom line: The TPR is a must-try if you're struggling with back pain – it could change your life!

It's for anyone suffering from back pain – whether severe, moderate, or mild.

Dr. Fu’s invention has gone viral since its recent release, and his team can barely keep up with current demands. If they’re still available, you can get yours by clicking this link >>

And best of all, it comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Meaning you can try it out in the privacy of your own home for 60 days with no risk at all to your wallet!

Here’s how to order your very own TPR today:

1) Click this link here or the button below to go to the website page

2) Choose the Trigger Point package that’s right for you (note the 30-day satisfaction guarantee!)

3) Receive your TPR and enjoy back pain relief in minutes!

Check out its availability in your area right now by clicking the button below.

**UPDATE: Interest in Trigger Point Rocker is skyrocketing. If you want a Trigger Point Rocker, order soon to take advantage of this one-time $50 discount before it sells out!


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